Studio Disorder is an archive of my development into the course of the MA studies in Solo Dance Authorship (SODA), at the Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin. This is a sharing platform for the core of intensives, showings and exchange, within the frame of the program. It is also a site for all the academic documents produced during the two years I have been enrolled in it, and a way to get feedback on things I perform, write or think.

Departing from a chaotic collage of references and practices, I enter the studio and wish to achieve something after all. This page is an attempt to organize, recognize and facilitate my practice within the Studio space and my trajectory through the course of SODA.

*Disorder: A disruption of the anarchy that otherwise characterizes our world. Any organically ordered system – a rainforest, for example, or a circle of friends – is an anarchic harmony that tends to perpetuate itself through constant change; disorder, on the other hand, can only be mantained by ever-escalating exertions of force. The precarious discipline of a high school classrom, the factory farm in which sterile rows of genetically modified corn are defended against weeds and insects by a host of technological innovations, the fragile hegemony of superpower – these are not examples of order, but of disorder imposed from above. Some confuse disorder with anarchy, misunderstanding it as the absence of any system. But disorder is the opposite of anarchy: enforced over a long enough period of time, it systematizes itself, stacking up hierarchies according to its pitiless demands. One of the most advanced forms of disorder is capitalism: the war of each against all, rule or be ruled, sell or be sold. You could say capitalism is a social disorder in the same way that bulimia is an eating disorder and sickle cell anemia a blood disorder. (from Contradictionary – a bestiary of words in revolt)

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